Sussex Wedding Photography FAQs page

+ Do you cover weddings outside of Sussex?

Yes! I am happy to travel across the UK and beyond for your wedding. Please get in touch and let me know your plans.

+ How many photos will you take?

I don’t put any limits on the number of photos that I deliver. The final number of photos you receive will depend on how long I am shooting, your itinerary, and your guests. I know that this is a vague answer but at consultations I always show full wedding samples so you know exactly what to expect.

+ How do I get my images?

Every wedding package includes a custom USB. The same images are also sent to you via a download link because I know how desperate you will be to see them and share them with friends and family. For wedding album options please get in touch.

+ Can you do engagement shoots?

Yes of course! As well as having some beautiful photos of you both, an engagement shoot is a great way to make you more relaxed about having your photo taken on the big day.

+ Do you shoot RAW?

Yes, always. Many wedding blogs and advice columns suggest that you ask this and it’s quite a straight forward one; if your photographer doesn’t shoot RAW for a wedding, I would question if they are even a professional.

+ Do you retouch images?

Stylising and editing images in post production is a hugely important part of being a good photographer and has a massive impact on the final look of the images. All the images delivered will be edited individually to make sure they are of excellent quality. With regards to ‘photoshopping and airbrushing’, that is a choice that I discuss with all of my couples. Rest assured though that if cutting the cake gets a little messy just before that big family photo, then photoshop can save the day. My style is very natural so I won’t be heavy handedly photoshopping people but I’m happy to accommodate any requests should you have any.

+ Do you take black and white photos?

The beauty of digital is that any image can be colour or black and white. I usually deliver most images in colour and then provide a smaller roundup of the day with the images that work best in black and white. If you're a big fan of black and white I'm happy to shoot more, or even completely in black and white.

+ What is ‘full day’ coverage?

A full day when it comes to weddings can vary greatly; this is why I like to discuss what timings would suit you. I’m happy to turn up as early as you would like and stay as late as people are still dancing. As an average though, coverage is typically 8-10 hours but any length is possible.

+ How long after the wedding do you send the photos?

Typically within 1-2 weeks. I try to provide 1 or 2 of the best images from the day earlier than that as a lot of people like to upload one to make a Facebook/Instagram/etc post thanking their guests.

+ Do you do wedding albums?

I can provide a variety of album options from matted wedding albums to photobooks. If you already know what you want then get in touch for a quote or if you are unsure then we can discuss your options at a consultation.

+ Do you bring a second photographer?

I have other photographers who work for and with me who are available to come along and provide extra coverage. This is something we can discuss options for and will be up to you and what suits your plans.

+ Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I usually take 25% of the total price as a deposit at the time of booking.

+ Where are you based?

I live in Brighton and typically cover the South East and London though I’m happy, and look forward, to travelling anywhere in the world.

+ I’m getting married abroad, do you travel?

Yes! I love travelling to different places, photographing a wedding abroad appeals even more than a wedding in England.

+ Do you have contracts?

Yes, the contract outlines all the details of what will happen on the day and afterwards and is there to give peace of mind to everyone involved.

+ Do you have insurance?

Yes I do. Whilst it’s not a fun subject, insurance is a necessary precaution. My insurance covers both professional indemnity and public liability.

+ What if you are ill on the day?

To date this has thankfully never happened but I have good relationships with other photographers and agreements in place so that, even at incredibly short notice, I would endeavour to find a replacement if you wanted.