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About Me

Aside from a brief phase of wanting to be a rock star as a teenager, I’ve always been a photographer. It’s what I do full time as a job, and it’s what I do for fun when I get some time off. I’m passionate about creating beautiful images on a personal level, not simply because it’s a job. I photograph a variety of things, not just weddings, and have a particular love of landscapes. When I’m not exploring new places, I live in Brighton and work across Sussex, London, and further afield. 

My approach to wedding photography is very much about capturing candid moments and documenting all the people and details that will make your day special. I like to be right there at every moment but never intruding; in order to take natural images throughout the day. The fact that every couple and every guest is different is one of the things that keeps being a wedding photographer so interesting. I adapt my style according to your taste so as to not just make great images, but to make ones that you will love. I believe in a stress free approach because on the day you should be focused entirely on enjoying yourselves and being in the moment. This is why I think it’s so important to choose a photographer whose work you like but whom you also get along with.